Hans Gruber is a fictional character of the Die Hard franchise who appeared as the primary antagonist in Die Hard.


Hans Gruber was Anna-Kat's pet pig. The Otto family gave him to a local farm after deciding Hans was growing too big for the house, which resulted in many protests of Anna-Kat. They then bought a dog named Luther from the same farm. He is named after a villain just like the next pet, Luther The family only visited once in the series once he was on the farmBoar-dain The Uprising The Lice Storm

However, Gruber's plans were intrrupted by John McClane. When Gruber learned that one of his hostages, Holly, was the wife of John McClane he threatened to kill her. During their fight McClane forces Gruber out the window of the building and he falls to his death. External links [edit | edit source] Hans Gruber at the Villains Wiki Hans Gruber was a former German terrorist turned gangster who served as the primary villain of Die Hard. Expelled from his organisation, he assembled a group of other former terrorists and skilled criminals and organised a heist of the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles.

Hans gruber villains wiki

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È un terrorista tedesco che organizza l'acquisizione di un grattacielo di Los Angeles nel tentativo di rubare Se hela listan på villains.fandom.com Se hela listan på villains.fandom.com Hans Gruber is the main antagonist of Die Hard. He is aGerman terroristwho organizes the takeover of aLos Angeles skyscraper in an attempt to steal millions of dollars in bonds. Hanswas portrayed as a calculating mastermind, as well as a highly intelligent yet callous man to the core. He is Se hela listan på en.wikipedia.org Se hela listan på die-hard-scenario.fandom.com Se hela listan på diehard.fandom.com He was a brutal German terrorist-turned-thief and Hans Gruber's second-in-command. He was portrayed by the late Alexander Godunov. History. Karl was Hans Gruber's lead henchman during the operation at Nakatomi Plaza; when entering in the building, he killed the receptionist and the rest of the security with assistance from fellow terrorist Theo.

Elh was an unused antagonist and boss in the 2001 video game Luigi's Mansion. When hacking into the final game's files, it reveals a pale figure with screwed (seemingly) support-beams as a body and long arms, but the design is missing a head. It had a seemingly floating animation when going forwards. Unused animations reveal that it would be able to smash it's arms on to the ground when

McClane adopts the phrase in the first film, Die Hard, when villain Hans Gruber calls him a cowboy and asks if he thinks he stands a chance. McClane replies, "Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker". At the end of the film, before his death at the hands of McClane, Gruber echoes the phrase before McClane overpowers him. President Dufus Stone(also simply known asStone), or better known asPresident Stone, is the main villain of the 2009 sci-fi filmAstro Boy. He was voiced by Donald Sutherland, who also portrayed President Coriolanus Snow in the The Hunger Games franchise and Donald McClintock in Outbreak.

Hans gruber villains wiki

Hans Gruber is the kind of villain that other action movies could only dream of. Gruber is always the smartest guy in the room–his plan is well thought out, he knows a bit about everything

A renegaded colonel of the East German Special Forces-turned-nefarious terrorist mastermind who is the brother of Hans Gruber Simon Gruber. Simon Peter Gruber was a former East German Special Forces Colonel turned terrorist mastermind and the older brother of Hans Gruber.He is the main antagonist in Die Hard with a Vengeance, where he pretended to be seeking revenge against John McClane through a series of elaborate riddles and tasks, when this was really a distraction from a robbery of billions in gold bullion from Hans Gruber would prove to be one of the most beloved movie villains of all time.

He was a fomer member of the West German Volksfrei movement, and the mastermind behind the heist of Nakatomi Plaza, and ran into trouble with John McClane there.. His brother Simon Gruber was a colonel in the East German army. Simon would later claim to want revenge for his brother's death at the hands of McClane, though this was Piet Gruber was the son of Hans Gruber and the nephew of Simon Gruber. Never appearing in a film, Piet is the main antagonist of the 2002 video game Die Hard: Vendetta.
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He was also Simon Gruber 's younger brother.

Simon John Pegg is an English actor, voice actor, comedian,  30 Jan 2016 But the trope of the forgettable villain all changed with Die Hard, Hans Gruber, and Alan Rickman. This wasn't by accident. Director John  Holly Gennero McClane to Hans Gruber [src] Holly Gennero, formerlyHolly McClane, is the ex-wife of John McClane.
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AFI's 100 Years…100 Heroes and Villains är en lista över de 100 främsta filmkaraktärerna (femtio Hans Gruber, Alan Rickman · Die Hard, 1988 Wikipedia-specifika länkar som inte leder till en artikel eller kategori (som "Rödlänkar", "länkar 

Gruber also ranked 46 on the villain side of AFI's 100 Years100 Heroes and Villains. In 2007, Entertainment Weekly ranked Die Hard the greatest action film of all time. 2016-01-19 · Hans Gruber would prove to be one of the most beloved movie villains of all time.

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Alan Patrick Rickman (born February 21 1946 - died January 14, 2016) is an internationally renowned actor, made famous by his role in the original Die Hard, as the villain, Hans Gruber.